Frequently Asked Questions

How much per SQFT does it cost to build a house?

That is a very good question. The answer is what kind of house do you want? We are not Per SQFT builders. Every property, blueprint, and homeowner are different. We build homes for a specific person with a specific dream and a specific property. We price the projects we work on individually to make your dreams a reality.

What if I don’t have land to build on; or what if I already have land?

Either way we can help. We have built on our customer’s land that they own, and we have helped people find the right land for what they want to do. Along with being licensed builders, both Joe and Rick are licensed Realtors with a combined 55+ years of experience at your disposal. We are able to provide a full menu of real estate services, whether it is finding the right piece of land or helping you sell your current house so you can transition into your new home.

We have a drawing already (it may be on a nap kin), or we have an idea.

It does not matter how far along you are in the design process we want to get involved. Use our 30+ years of building experience to help you find cost saving areas and quality of life design features. We work well with architects or draftsmen and can even connect you to some preferred experts.

How do we pay for the house?

There are a few ways that we can handle this. If you don’t already own your land we can purchase the lot, build your house and then sell it to you has a package. The most cost effective is for you to apply for a construction loan from a local lender. We have great relationship with local experts and can help you navigate the process.

Can I or a friend o r family member do some work on my own house?

The short answer is yes. We do allow the buyer to build in some sweat equity, but there is more to it and will require a longer conversation.

Can we pick the products or colors that go into the house?

We think that is a great idea. We like to include allowances into our building agreement that allows you to pick out items like light fixtures, carpet, paint colors, and plumbing fixtures. We want your house to reflect your unique style.

Are we allowed to visit the property during the process?

We love to you have out there. Building a home can be a great experience and it is way too exciting not see every step. We encourage you to spend time at your home. We do have some safety and productivity limitations. But when the safety protocols are followed you will make a lifetime of memories

Can we drive the bulldozer?

No, you cannot drive the bulldozer.

How long does it take build a house?

That can be a difficult question based on a variety of factors (weather, building codes, material availability, COVID). Typically, from the time we are allowed to break ground we complete a home in approximately 6 months. Some homes take longer based on the complexity and size of project. We are not production builders who build 30 homes a year. We build 3-4 houses a year and move at a consistent pace that allows us to provide the best quality. We pride ourselves in“Building Integrity in Every Home”.

How do we get started?

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